lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

High Wolf's Pyramidal Meditation

Born in the French-Amazonian Jungle, High Wolf are two exotic animal spirits that combine a haunted mixture of tribal loops, percussive sounds, fuzzy extravaganza, delayed vocals and obscure keyboards to create a ritual of psychedelic exotica melodies...

French Amazonia ethno sounds that takes the listener into a trance of melancholic drone, dark minimalism & equatorial electronics. Animal Totem was High Wolf’s debut release on tape, a collection of tranced melodies (one on top of the other) that end as a crazy ritual of colored smoke. Their last release, Incapulco, is a feast of awesome Tribal Psych-Folk that shows us their accurate exotica cosmotropia, Astro Black Ghosts... Speak To Me!

Get the tranced melodies of the Animal Totem HERE

Get the psychedelic exotica melodies of Incapulco HERE

HIGH WOLF live @ OCCII Amsterdam

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