viernes, 11 de enero de 2008

Eats Your Tapes Up!

Besides being one of the coolest cities in the world, San Francisco is the place were the scene least for me. I mean, just take a look at Encyclopedia Pictura, Big Stereo, Bang On T-Shirts, Matmos, Amoeba Music, Haight Street, The Merry Prankters, Jefferson Airplane (Goddess Grace Slick!), and of course EATS TAPES!

Signed by Tigerbeat 6, Eats Tapes is a 8-bit analog techno duo formed by Marijke Jorritsma and Greg Zifcak. Dos Mutantes out of the bay area that use 8-bit synths, digital noise loops and a MIDI-controlled Nintendo to create a feast of Analog Blips and Electro-Acid Beats... pure Dancefloor Schizophrenia!

Download this Live Set and Dance Your Head Off!

Eats Tapes & San Francisco

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gfl dijo...

Estimado Melomano Roma... Gracias pr compartir estos microbits... van creciendo los fans oaxaqueños de leretourdelacasette... Un fuerte abrazo y espero que reviente bien duro, como si yo estuviera por ahí!!!