jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008

Super Party Brothers @ Hard Bit (UPDATE!)

Somewhere in Bowser's Castle, these 8 bit dudes were partying hard... Eating Pixel Mushrooms, Hanging Out with E-Boy, Making Out with Princess Peach and listening to 8 bit Grunge, Hard Bit Metal & Pixel House.

Here are some tracks from the MicroMusic - 8bitpeoples dj Set

Uoki Toki - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Game Boy Remix)

Virt - Trash

Mr Spastic - Ichi Ni San Cuatro

Update! and... why not 8bit Reggaeton! They finished the party listening to Barcelona's Pixeltropical Duo MeNeO, which album ‘Salta Nanga’ it’s been mastered by the guys at Mad Decent.

MeNeO - El Okupa

Bonus! MeNeo 8bit Party Mix (Blentwell 2008)

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